måndag 24 maj 2010

Jigging Master pe 3 arrived today

Today (monday may 24) at 8 am in the morning the wonderful Jigging Master pe3 reel arrived. It was shipped on friday morning from Los Angeles. Very impressive shipping time to have it in Luleå in the north of Sweden first thing monday morning. The reel feels very good, just had a short time to look at it this morning but I think this will be the reel I´m gonna use most of the time in Norway. The Accurate Boss Magnum 870 will now be for sale…

I will fill it with the YGK Ultra Jigman pe line 47 lb. The best line around, smooth and strong, perhaps not the cheapest at 110 USD for 300 meter. That amount of money will give you 1370 meters of power pro:) But the best reel should only be matched with the best line:)

Some facts:
Gear Ratio : 1 :4.0
Gross Weight : 490g
Capacity : PE3-400m
Spool dia.:54mm
Spool width:25mm
Efflcient drag : 25lbs. Max : 50lbs

More info and pictures will come later.

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